王曾自當†† 已故王校源之愛妻
1922 Ė 2016

Oration by Andrew WONG


Itís been said that as finite creatures, while we can only be ephemeral, what endures are the memories that our loved ones keep of us.


In our familyís case, its also more concretely some eighty children, grandchildren, and great grand children (these we call the second, third and fourth generation descending from ah mah and ah yeh respectively).  And of course weíre still counting.


From Sugerland Texas to London, from Birmingham to Kingsford Gardens, and soon to be New Zealand, the greater Wong clan has dispersed and colonized.  Like many of you, Iíve heard rumors that the global food supply, particularly meat of all kinds, is under threat.  Based on observing some of the 4G eating habits, the rumors could be true.  Noah !


In this booklet thatís been distributed, you have what our parentís have composed about Ah Mahís rich and long life, and in Jenny, Jeffrey, BoBo, and Muiís remembrances, aspects of what she has meant for our generation.  But there are infinitely more moments that have shaped us, inspired us, and where Ah Mah showered us with overflowing affection.  And on days like this, we are given cause to remember, in the spaces in our busy lives, just some of those special moments.


If youíll indulge me, Iíd like to leave you with a couple of personal memories, in the form of poetic fragments.  Some others in the third generation may share similar memories, and including ah yeh for good measure :



Autumn moonlight 

Festival Lanterns swaying in darkness

Lec suen - chewing mooncakes



A mountain of wrapping paper

Crawling on the floor amid toys

Booming : who wants ice cream !



An overloaded dinner table

2Gs excitedly report 3G exam results

Clapping  : ho yeah, gwai suen !