王曾自當 已故王校源之愛妻
1922 2016

Oration by Dr. Jenny CHU NICHOLS
grand daughter


Hello and Good Morning,


My name is Jenny and it is a privilege and honor to speak today along with others on behalf of our family as we celebrate and honor the life of my grandmother, who is my poh poh but to most of us here, is our Ah Mah


My grandmother was a sweet, caring, and strong woman.  She had an amazing life and did so many things and looking at these slideshows, had world-wide experiences.  But I believe my grandmother's greatest accomplishment is in this room today: her family.  She raised 8 children who are all successful not only in their careers but also in raising their own families.  My mom often says to her 4 children (me and my siblings), "Your children are so much smarter and brilliant than you guys were at that age!" and I always jokingly respond, "That's a reflection of the parenting!"  But really, with all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, my grandmother was an outstanding matriarch of our family.  I always thought it was really special that not only were all of her children highly educated but they all learned to play musical instruments.  That love of music and appreciation for the arts still live on in many of us.  As a mother of two myself, I can hardly get my kids signed up for lessons and get them to go once a week!  


Some of my favorite memories are the simple ones of sitting around the round table at 148 Waterloo Road and eating longan and lychee.  My grandmother always had fresh fruits for us.  We would also go to breakfast and have congee and fried fish.  She would eat properly with tiny bites, and she would pick the fat off of bacon.  We also had huge family gatherings with tons of food and all of the family there.  Those are my favorite memories.  She also had a wonderful laugh that I can vividly hear in my head.  It sounded like pure happiness!  My mom has the same laugh to me.  


My grandmother was obviously a huge inspiration to me.  I can only hope to accomplish a portion of what my grandparents accomplished.  They formed the strong roots of a family tree that I am so proud to be a part of.  They have truly left a legacy and have made so many opportunities for our generation and future generations.  So we are here today to celebrate and honor the life of my grandmother who was a wonderful wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, grandmother-in-law, great grandmother, and friend.  We will miss her and we love her.  And we thank her and my grandfather for all that they did for us.  So today is not a day of sadness but a day of celebration because although my grandmother has passed away and is no longer living in this world, she lives on in all of us.  As we refer to our generations as 2G, 3G, and 4G, I have no doubt that 5G, 6G, and so on will have great things to come because they are a part of this wonderful Wong Family Tree.


Thank you.