王曾自當   已故王校源之愛妻
1922 – 2016

Oration by Gabrielle WONG JAMES

grand daughter


I am Wong Chee Lan, Gabrielle. I am her grandchild. I am Amah’s eldest son’s youngest daughter. I live in London at the moment, I am married and have two little boys.


I will always remember that when Amah met my older child, her great-grandson, for the first time, I saw on her face how much she loved children and delighted in babies. She encouraged her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to meet and play together, and was always at the centre of organising countless feasts to celebrate Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year to name but a few. She was instrumental in bringing her large family together to eat together, be together and celebrate together.


She was gracious and generous in acknowledging people’s efforts. I remember as a young  child observing her chatting to her friends and she always had a kind word or an encouraging phrase. I remember her at the dinner table at 148 reflecting on the harshness of the real world, the unkindness that is commonplace and how we should try to mitigate that in how we treat each other.


She was always elegantly dressed, with her hair beautifully styled, and was always proud to wear beautiful pearls, jade and other jewellery.


We will always keep your memory in our hearts, Amah