Dr. Gavin WONG and Dr. Alex WONG
Eulogy on behalf of the Third Generation


Dear Family and friends, 

I am Kai, grandchild number two, and this is Ming, grandchild number three. 

It is a great honour and privilege for us to say a few words, on behalf of all the grandchildren about Ay Yeah, our dear grandfather. He was and remains the center point of our family and we all miss him profoundly. 

We feel that today should be a day not only to honour and celebrate Ah Yeah’s life and his achievements, but also an opportunity for us to acknowledge the enormous impact he has had on our lives.  

Like our parents, most of us left Hong Kong to pursue our education and careers in other countries. We may come and go from Hong Kong several times a year, but no matter where we are, our grandparents’ house at 148 Waterloo road is always home and heart of the Wong world. 

Our grandparents and their home form the basis of our oldest and fondest childhood memories. Whether it was someone’s birthday, Christmas, Lantern festival or even one of our frequent family lunches, we would all gather together to share each other’s company, catch up with those we hadn’t seen for a while and above all else, eat.

There was never a shortage of food at 148. We remember the eternal presence of boxes of Fry’s chocolates, Danish butter cookies, Almond Roca and Sugus sweets, Macadamia Nuts and a seemingly endless supply of fresh fruit. We also recall the fridge that always had goodies to choose from, the ceramic water purifier of dubious merit and Ah Yeah’s booming voice asking “who wants ice cream?” 


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We rode tricycles round his living room, made submarines and fortresses out of his sofas, had wheelchair races round his dining table and played with fire in his garden during lantern festival. What was always evident, now that we look back on it, is the love that he had for his grandchildren.

These memories are often accompanied by our recollection of the sound of his infectious and at times uncontrollable laughter. As little children, he took delight in our playing and as we grew older, he also took great delight in our achievements. We certainly felt his pride when he saw the increasing number of graduation pictures on the wall at 148.

We would not have the livelihoods we have now without the hard work, support and guidance of our parents and our grandparents. Ah Yeah himself is an inspiration and role model to us in our careers and academic lives. He gave us ambition, perseverance and the desire to succeed.

But of all his strengths, his greatest was his ability to lead and guide his family.

We know how proud he was of his family, and how he ensured the future well-being, without exception, of all of us. His influence and his values will no doubt be felt far beyond his passing. Ah Yeh lives on not only in our memories but also in our successes and achievements, none of which would have been possible without him and our grandmother. They have lived through hardships which, through their efforts, we will never experience and for this we will always be indebted to them.

As our family continues to grow, Ah Yeah’s emphasis on the importance of family and loyalty resonates strongly in our lives. Together Ah Mah and Ah Yeah are the foundations of our family and we look forward to passing on their values and beliefs onto our own children.