Dr. Howard WONG
Eulogy from Grandson #7


Friends and Family,

We are gathered here today not only to mourn but to do honour to the memory of Ah Yeah.

I am Howard, grandchild number 7 and it is my honour and privilege to talk to you about Ah Yeah today.

Most of our generation never had the opportunity to see Ah Yeah at work because he was semi-retired before most of us were born. But his dedication and devotion to his family is shown by the fact that he was able to raise 8 children so successfully from humble beginnings. In fact his working day used to last 18 hours and Ah Ma recalled how after dinner he would regularly head back out to the wholesale fruit market to keep working until the early hours of the morning.

Over the years we have had the opportunity of listening to Ah Yeah and Ah Ma recall their fondest memories from their youth whenever we gathered at the family home.

He would tell us how he and Ah Ma first met at a restaurant, how they checked each other out through the corner of their eyes from their own family tables before being introduced. In fact Ah Ma was actually from the next village and even from an early beginning Ah Yeah made his indelible mark on Ah Ma. At an early dinner date Ah Ma fondly remembers Ah Yeah ordering an inordinately large number of dishes for the two of them which, in true Wong fashion, he then promptly finished in record time with no assistance required! On another date Ah Yeah took Ah Ma swimming at the beach and she only subsequently found out that he himself couldn’t swim. Bravado was always one of Ah Yeah’s strong points.

After the war Ah Yeah became the epitome of the successful Hong Kong entrepreneur. He became amongst other things, a master baker, restaurateurs, property developer and food importer.



In fact it could be said that on these festive occasions, with enough food to feed an army, and not a vegetable in sight that the Wong diet was the precursor of the Atkins diet.

Ah Yeah always kept a close watch on our academic and professional careers. When I decided to become a veterinarian I remember remarking to my dad that I wondered if Ah Yeah would approve of my choice of career as Ah Yeah always wanted us to pursue more traditional careers such as those in human medicine or law etc. It turned out that his only remark was that he was concerned that if I became a vet all of my friends would be pigs and goats!

Ah Yeah, behind you is a proud and expectant family, a great host of sustaining friends, a cherished and happy wife and both of you wearing the full rich honours of your early toil and tears, your sons and daughters claiming every day and every day rewarding a father’s love and care; your eternally grateful grandchildren just emerging from their childhood’s day of frolics, and in your heart, the eager rejoicing power to meet all demands.

With unfaltering front you faced death.

With unfailing tenderness you took your leave of life.

With simple resignation you bowed to the divine decree.

You will always remain in our hearts and as your grandchildren we hope we will make you proud.

May you rest in peace.

Thank you and god bless.

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