Jeffrey Wong

DOB 23 March 1977

Tha man.

I am the first born child. I am actually a black musican trapped inside a Chinese doctor. Weird eh?

Here is a link to my CV.or download it in Word here

Jeffey wants to be a rock star. He likes to play bass and just hang. He wants to be just like the ginger guy on the hit TV show "Birds of Paradise" but unfortunately due to his current position of pretending to be a doctor, the music contract will have to wait. His band is actually quite good but the singer sucks. As a doctor, he will therefore not earn as much as McMerlin or McMlu.

This is one of my greatest moments.....

He has recently been to Berklee College of Music for a summer course and constantly talks to Pa about music and nothing else.

Click here to hear about Jeff's driving ethos

But he does like to cook, as long as he is permitted to add as much oil to his food and as much water to the rice that he is cooking as his heart may desire. We must also not forget his tendency to microwave the milk before having his cereal.

He is also interested in his image. He is going through the motions of dressing like a grown up. This, we all know, is just a front for he still jumps around the house shouting "Mum!!!!!!" all the time. In his American trip he and his mates gave into the well-known WAAAZZZUUUUPP phrase that graced the US TV over the summer of 2000. Now many people in the Harborne have conformed to accept this as an official Jeff greeting. These boyz insist upon trying to define themselves through their clothes.

During the day, you can usually find Jeff in a hospital clinic pretending to be Dr Carter from ER. He is in his final year of medicine, which apparently sucks, cos you actually have to start doing some work after many years of student slacking.

Interior Design, Music .....

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