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Home made piano-cake for
Mum's birthday

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1997 Handover Party

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 The sector of the dynasty that has been elected to share the wealth of information with the world descends from Wong Yat Cheung, whose offspring includes Jeffrey, Louise and Nicola. We must not forget the most important member of Wong no. 6: Mum.


The extended family is extremely extended.  As you have learnt, "Dad" is no. 6 in the family, so it is logical, that he has at least siblings.  These are:  Uncle Jack, Uncle Kwong, Uncle Sun, Uncle Buddy, Auntie Angie, Auntie Ellen, and Uncle David.  Of course, each  has their own family, and you will, in time learn about each of their family members.  EVERY PERSON HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL TO CONTRIBUTE, they just may not know it yet.





Our 2007 newsletter

Mum      Dad
Jeff  Lu   Nic

wpe2.jpg (76738 bytes)The Wongs are quite the nomadic group, travelling to various continents and countries, leaving their Wong mark wherever they go, click here to find out more..

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You will learn all when the time comes 

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