2007 Newsletter: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Wong family!




Charlie has been busy playing in his various music ensembles during the year. This has come from the additional spare time from his part retirement from his practise in March. He has continued to lose weight and recently set up a running machine on the roof, complete with cable TV.

He enjoyed being chauffeured around Houston by his two daughters (scared out of his wits - see photo) for his niece, Jenny’s, wedding. He was also inspired by his first trip back to his family ancestral home in Dongguan, southern China. There were also a couple of trips to Singapore – firstly to chair the hospital quality assurance conference, and secondly for his nephew Andrew’s wedding to his Singaporean fiancé Patricia.



Julia has also been joining Charlie’s ensembles, their most recent performances being The Schubert Trout Quintet. She continues to be the treasurer for her singing ensemble, Nova, (www.thkwc.org), which has performed charity concerts at the Hong Kong Country Club, Aberdeen Marina Club and Union Church. Their concerts and paid gigs have raised over HKD$300,000

Julia joined Charlie on the trip to Singapore. She also went to France to Basque region.



It is Jeffrey’s 2nd year in Hong Kong. With more responsibility and professional specialist examinations on the way he is extremely busy. Somehow he has still managed to climb up our local club tennis ladder and rock climb in Krabi, Thailand.

He recently started an acid jazz/funk band that he can’t stop talking about. It’s a hobby that he’s been missing for some time, but we hope it will not detract him too much from his studies. He still dreams of alternative careers in music. We’ve been fortunate to have him cook for us. All the cooking he did for himself in London has definitely paid off!



Lu got engaged to fiancé Dave Wong in August and is easily managing the transformation into bridezilla. She hopes to peak during Easter week 2008 when she weds and becomes Lulu Wong-Wong.

Lu is still working as a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie, in the dispute resolution department (this is not a joke). After a fairly tough first year as a qualified lawyer, she is actually starting to like it and think that she might be quite good at it (this is not a joke either.)

Lu has stopped running and all other action adventure activities in favour of keeping a 500 litre marine fish tank (which is very time consuming) and hanging out with her husband-to-be. Dave works in the building next door so they actually spend a lot of time hanging out together.



Nic’s year was another one filled with accountancy exams. With a huge sigh of relief, she passed the retake for her final case study in December 2007, and is awaiting final news about a new job role in the Hong Kong office of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Her job in the UK continues to send her to glamorous places such as Maidenhead, West Midlands and Coventry, but this has been balanced with more relaxing or glamorous trips to Houston, Venice and the Cotswolds.

She will be performing again in the PwC pantomime (Peacock Theatre 24th-26th Jan 2008 www.sadlerswells.com) and has been enjoying her first exam-free holiday in a year. The alumnae from her Oxford-based A Cappella group have recently been revived and are looking forward to performing in several private gigs in 2008. They are still brainstorming for a suitable name for the new A Cappella group.