Intro to: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

On arrival in Salvador, all I knew was that I had enrolled myself to study at the Universidade Federal da Bahia.  What I was going to study was a mystery, as was how I was going to find the university.  I was picked up at the airport by the hotel, which I was located  in the Pelourinho, the historic centre of the city.  Inexplicably, vehicles could not access the hotel.  When I arrived, it turned out that every Tuesday, the streets of the  historic centre were filled with music, food, drink and dance.  It was my first exposure to Afro-Brazilian music, and was an overwhelming experience.

I tried to call home from the hotel lobby but as the noise from the streets was very loud, and phone connections very bad, it was difficult to communicate.  I had logged in though.

The decision to arrive in Salvador before starting my travels was because I was due to arrive back just in time for Carnival, and rumour was it that finding accomodation during Carnival time as madness.  In fact, Carnival time was madness.  I had decided to search for a flat. 

Without much help from the University, who told me that they could not help, I began my search in the newspaper and the tourist office.  Without too much trouble, I found a small flat with two flatmates, Rodrigo, a Brazilian boy from Cuiaba, and Tamsin, a Scottish girl teaching English.  The situation appeared normal.  It turned out not to be..........

To hear about psycho flat situation


Everyday life in Salvador